Farm work Norway

Farm work Norway - A farm close to Oslo is always looking for working guests

Farm work Norway - What are your opportunities?

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General facts about the farm in Norway

  • 45 cows
  • grain production
  • Workshop for agricultural machinery
  • 4-5 employee
  • Working guests have their own accommodation on the farm
  • Good opportunities for fishing, swimming and hiking
Farm work Norway - Tractor in front of the workshop

These are some of your work tasks :

  • Tractor driving
  • Garden - and forest work
  • Cutting firewood
  • Feeding cows and taking care of calves
  • Repairing fences
  • Painting houses
  • help repairing machines
  • other kinds of building work

Farmarbeit Norwegen - Kühe auf der Weide - Farmwork Norway
  • Traktoren vor der Werkstatt - Farmwork Norway
  • Fetsund Lenser
  • Kühe beim fressen - Farmwork Norway
  • Fetsund Lenser
  • Fetsund Lenser
  • Kühe beim fressen - Farm work Norway
  • Brücke Fetsund - Farm work Norway
  • Aussichtspunkt Fetsund
  • 17.mai Fetsund - Farm work Norway
  • Fetsund Lenser
  • Fetsund Lenser
  • Bulle auf der Weide - Farm work Norway

Our requirements:

Remuneration as a farm employee in Norway:

1st alternative: 18 working hours per week for accommodation and food
2nd alternative: 35 working hours per week for accommodation, food and 130 euros pocket money